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2019 New Websites

Hello, Thank you for reading the blog. I have been busy! New websites are coming! (My new Podcast!) (adventures in nature) (Chocolate is yummy!) (nature photography) Keep an eye out for the developments!

Turtles In a Half Shell Its Raining

We are camping out. Daddy, Aiden, and Liam are playing ninja turtles while momma 8s reviewing brand new texts books that align with common core. Before this photo the boys and I took a bike ride on the Sunset trail here at Peninsula State Park. We made it to the lighthouse from our campsite 805 in Nicolett Bay campground. When we arrived at the lighthouse I sat the boys up on a cemented rock wall set 20-30 feet back from a small cliff. The boys sat looking out at Green Bay. I asked them how the lighthouse worked. We came to the conclusion that it functiomed as you think it would.


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