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2019 New Websites

Hello, Thank you for reading the blog. I have been busy! New websites are coming! (My new Podcast!) (adventures in nature) (Chocolate is yummy!) (nature photography) Keep an eye out for the developments!

Banjo Practice

Today I learned that you probably should not spill juice on people. It was an accident. Nevertheless, I moved on with the day. My car doesnt start without a jumpstart from my wifes car. We have been camping for a month and the battery is due for a trickle charging, or repmacement. We took a drive around northern door today, so tommorrow morning I will find out if that was enough to charge my battery. Anyway, we are getting close to moving into our lease. Tonight is our third night out of our final four nights camping. Ellie lovingly tuned our banjo. I practiced the G and D7 cords and played some funky version of Oh my darling Clemintine. Long story short. In an unfortunate series of events, she was lost and gone forever. I need some calluses.

Tonight was fajita night. Tasty stuff. Its time to get some z's.


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