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Winter In Cape Cod/ Door County

The winters vary in severity. One winter you will get 3 snowstorms and in-between it will be 40, 50, dare I say 60 degrees? Other winters it is bitter cold with tons of snow, no snow, and any other combination you can possibly think of. What is the deal? Well they say that the warmer than usual  Northern Pacific Ocean this winter will cause a cold snowy winter in the Northeastern U.S. That means I am in trouble. I live in Rhode Island now.

Door County has already seen its first snow of the season and with the wind off of Green Bay All of Door County is down right bone chilling even in 40 degree weather with all that moisture in the air.

I took a few chilly photos in down town Sister Bay.
You won't be sailing today.

 Sunrise is pretty!

 Sometime you need get started on your snow fort early. A dusting of snow won't stop us from having some fun.

Action shot here to the right with my shovel trying really hard to get enough snow for a sweet fort for my three year olds.

Nicolett Bay to Fish Creek Expedition

We readied ourselves to bike from Nicolett Bay site 805 to Fish Creek. We were hungry and in search of food. Ellie said maybe we can go to Julies. I suggested exploring and keeping our possibilities open. Ellie agreed. We took off on bikes, with Aiden and Liam in tow. We rode our bikes 8 miles. We were pretty hungry around 1 pm. Luckily we stopped at Julie's Park Café and had some of there delicious all day breakfast.
This is a picture of Liam getting ready for his eggs and bacon.


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