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2019 New Websites

Hello, Thank you for reading the blog. I have been busy! New websites are coming! (My new Podcast!) (adventures in nature) (Chocolate is yummy!) (nature photography) Keep an eye out for the developments!

The Move, The Idea Developing

We finally moved to Door County after a year working at Boys Town New England in Portsmouth Rhode Island. A year of taking care of 13 youth ages 5-18. That wasn't including ourselves or our twin 2, now 3 year olds. We left Rhode Island on July 25th around 2pm and drove about 1,400 miles in the span of 3 days. We camped at Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek July 28th and 29th leaving for grandma and grandpas in southwest Wisconsin the 30th and 31st. We left to head back to Peninsula State Park August 1st- 5th and then drove back to grandma and grandpas the 6th through the 7th.  I am starting a new job Monday with the Northern Door YMCA. A lot has happened in the last two weeks and much more is to come. We signed up for a 10 month lease of a home in Sister Bay on the 29th. The lease starts August 28th, so we will be camping out and staying with grandma and grandpa for a month. As of the time I am writing this entry we have camped at Peninsula State Park for about a week already. We have enjoyed some kayaking and looking at a old property near Ellison Bay that needs a lot of work.  I am running low on time with twin three year old boys who need to go to bed, so I'll cut this entry short. The property would make a nice business/ home location. Its not zoned commercial, but I could likely do a fruit/ veggie stand , and or a art gallery or something. I like the idea of being debt free. This place would allow us that option depending on how quickly we restore the home. Rent while fixing, or fix fast and carry a loan? I prefer to buy in cash. This is something we maybe able to swing.


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