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Knock Knock Turkey Time

I have recently purchased tickets to come back to Wisconsin just before Christmas. Southwest Airlines seems to have the best deal at 69 dollars per flight from Logan airport in Boston to Midway airport in Chicago, and back again. 4 people round trip with taxes for somewhere near 550 dollars. I will be renting a car with National and selecting from the Emerald Isle. Then the 3-4 hour drive to Mineral Point, WI. This is not Door County.

However, I think its crazy to be the Door County Artist who doesn't expand his or her horizons. Staying in Door County exclusively would limit my wild curiosity. Not that you can't live and stay in Door County forever and be awesome. I just need to excuse the fact that I am not there. Nor, will I be traveling to Door County during this trip back to the cheese State.

Hey, there is a pretty good art scene in Mineral Point. You can hardly listen to Wisconsin Public Radio without hearing a "commer
cial" about Mineral Point. I will be heade…

Door County At Heart

We've been away from Door County for 15 months and counting helping at risk children. I sometimes think about Door County and how beautiful it was. It is way better then Cape Cod or the coast of Maine. I often travel to these places to recapture some of the images and places that I left behind. The lighthouses of Door County are fantastic! I was recently at Acadia National Park the poster child of beauty by the sea. Yes it is pretty with its mountains and ocean, but a 200 foot cliff facing toward Green Bay at sunset will do equal if not better justice for your soul.

On another note taking care of children can be taxing, I miss my freedom to do what I want sometimes. Then I have to get my head on right and remember that making a difference in the lives of others is more valuable then a sunset or a pretty picture.


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