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Winter In Cape Cod/ Door County

The winters vary in severity. One winter you will get 3 snowstorms and in-between it will be 40, 50, dare I say 60 degrees? Other winters it is bitter cold with tons of snow, no snow, and any other combination you can possibly think of. What is the deal? Well they say that the warmer than usual  Northern Pacific Ocean this winter will cause a cold snowy winter in the Northeastern U.S. That means I am in trouble. I live in Rhode Island now.

Door County has already seen its first snow of the season and with the wind off of Green Bay All of Door County is down right bone chilling even in 40 degree weather with all that moisture in the air.

I took a few chilly photos in down town Sister Bay.
You won't be sailing today.

 Sunrise is pretty!

 Sometime you need get started on your snow fort early. A dusting of snow won't stop us from having some fun.

Action shot here to the right with my shovel trying really hard to get enough snow for a sweet fort for my three year olds.

Day One

Today I decided to take the leap and start my first business. Sure my wife Ellie I live in Rhode Island helping five at risk children basically twenty- four-seven, along with taking care of my twin two-year-old boys, but why not.

I went to the State of Wisconsin
Department of Financial Institutions website at . Clicked the I want to file button that gave me a drop down menu. I then clicked

Then I clicked
I filled in all my information and paid 155 dollars and bam I have Sweet Day Dreams Limited Liability Company.

I also went to Google Domains Beta and purchased eight domain names. I payed 300 bucks for a premium on one geographic name and 12 bucks each for the other seven. I soon realized I could buy domain names until the cows came home. I am now in the process of figuring out what I will do with my domains, i.e. create websites or blogs. I also need to figure out how to get state and federal tax id numbers.


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